A Path to Machine Learning

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Answer to the famous question 😉 More: @artificialintelligence_ml @artificialintelligence_ml @artificialintelligence_ml The roadmap comprises four stages: Data, Training, Deployment, and Management. The stages build on one another but could also occur concurrently in some instances. Whether you follow these stages in order or pursue some simultaneously, it is important to address every stage at some point on your machine learning path. Data: Developing and maintaining secure, clean data Training: Using structured datasets to train models Deployment: Feeding applications, pipelining models, or generating reports. *Models begin to generate value at this stage.* Management: Continuously tuning models to ensure optimal performance Pinpointing Your Location on Algorithmia’s Roadmap to Machine Learning Maturity Follow Algorithmia's Roadmap to Machine Learning Maturity Getting started on your journey to ML maturity is exciting, but don’t get ahead of yourself. The first step, even before charting your path or aligning your stakeholders, is to pinpoint your organization’s current location on the Roadmap to Machine Learning Maturity. To figure out how to reach your destination, you have to know where you stand right now. At each stage, the roadmap charts three variables to gauge ML maturity: people, tools, and operations. These are the variables you should use to determine your organization’s current location on the ML roadmap. In the full Roadmap to Machine Learning Maturity, you will learn how to rate these factors within your organization as either low, medium, or high maturity. That way, you will be aware of the strengths and weaknesses that you have to work with, and you will better understand how to get each of these variables to high levels of maturity. . . #artificialintelligence #deeplearning #machinelearning #artificialintelligenceai #artificialintelligencenow #artificialintelligence #machinelearningmaster #machinelearningalgorithms #machinelearningtraining #deeplearningmachine #neuralnetworks #neuralnetwork #learnmachinelearning #computerscience #computerengineering #softwareengineer #softwaredeveloper #pythonprogramming

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